Settling In

Hanging Out Ohio Style!

We’ve now been in Ohio for 3 full weeks and we are beginning to settle in.  Sara has been experiencing more morning sickness but nothing severe praise the Lord.  She is now around 12 weeks pregnant so hopefully she will be feeling better soon.  Sara has also been spending great quality time with some teen girls and women in the Fremont chapel, discipling, hanging out and being discipled.  She is planning to spend time teaching some ladies more about sewing, one of her specialties!

I started a new part time job yesterday (9/25) doing commercial roofing.  I’ll be doing this 2 days a week and maybe another half day later on.  It’s hard work but it’s good and it has already provided great opportunities to witness.  I was able to share the Gospel with my foreman and have a productive convo with him.   I also had a great conversation with another young man about my age that is considering visiting our church!  I have found people here in Ohio in general are easier to witness to than in Vermont.  In the last 3 weeks the Lord has provided about 6 opportunities to share the Gospel.  A number of these have had encouraging responses (not for salvation yet though!).

I am taking 2 of my final 4 classes to finish Practorium, Daniel and The Life Of Christ.  I travel about an hour and a half to get to those classes each Monday in Mansfield, OH.  We are very grateful to the Practorium teachers Dr. Don Farner and Les Vnasdale for their flexibility and willingness to work with us to get these classes done.

As for the ministry, Sara and I traveld to Alto, MI to speak in our first Mid-West church!  We were warmly received and I was greatly encouraged by the intrest and enthusiasm the folks there showed toward the work!  Thanks!  Sara and I have been talking and praying a lot about the idea of working in a Spanish speaking country.  The main reason for this is the benefit of learning such a global language as Spanish.  We will minister in whatever country the Lord leads us to but we understand He may just lead us by need and opportunity and there is a lot of need and opportunity in the Spanish fields!  Papua New Guinea is always on our mind and we are still looking into possibilites with tribes in India.

As we shared with the church in Alto, our greatest prayer request right now is for God to be preparing teammates to move into the tribe with us.  If you are praying for us, or if you would be willing, please pray for this!  Also Sara’s pregnancy and which field to work in are big ones too :)

Thank you for all your faithful prayers, support and intrest in what we are doing.  We can’t do it alone!

“…even to the ends of the earth” Acts 1:8

“I will make you fishers of men”

7 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Hi Craig and Sara,
    I am thinking of you both and praying for you daily – you both hold such a special place in my heart. What you are doing is just inspiring – to put yourselves out there completely – relying on God so completely.
    Thanks so much for the update.
    Love, Tonya

  2. Just one more reason for left wingers to think that right wingers are a bunch of automatic rifle totin fanatics. Thought we sent you there to study and do ministry not alarm the world :) Thanks for the update. Lord bless. We are praying for you guys!

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